US Army Lingo

Squadron # of men - 16
Platoon # of men - 30 to 40
Company # of men - 100 to 160 men (commanded by a Captain)
Battalion # of men - 500 to 800 men
Regiment # of men - 2,800 men
Division # of men - 13,000 men (commanded by a General)

Squadron-(smallest group)
Platoon-(3 platoons to a Company)
Company-(4 Companies to a Battalion)
Battalion-(3 Battalions to a Regiment)
Regiment-(3 to 4 Regiments to a Division)
Division-(largest group)

What does RCT stand for? Regimental Combat Team
Parts of different companies/regiments, and armed services working together as a team to complete a mission. Each group had a different area of expertise. In the 31st for example, there were also Marines and Air Force personnel.