Richard Kellogg
31st Regiment, I Company
Survived chosin

The following was taken from an E-mail that Sean had sent me.
Pop (Richard Kellogg) is no longer with us, he died in the early '60's, though I was fortunate to know him as a child. He and my father were both in the 31st Infantry in Japan (my father was courting his daughter), and both volunteered to go to Korea aly with the 32nd Infantry at the Pusan Perimeter. Dad got wounded after about two weeks, but Pop stayed in for the long haul, eventually transferring back to the 31st.

The story of it as I have been told is that Pop was in the rear guard of Task Force Faith. When the decision was made to break up and go 'every man for himself, he and a lieutenant paired up and, after a number of travails, eventually made it across the reservoir to the 1st Marines, where, despite being caught in a Marine minefield for a time, he was finally medivaced out due to frostbite. He had minor shrapnal wounds and lost a couple of toes, but otherwise came through better than most. He always credited his survival to his training in the Canadian Army in WWII, and to a tank crew that held the rear as the convoy retreated.