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help on cold injury VA Claims

The 7th Division Association

History of the 7th Infantry Division

The 31st Infantry Regiment Association

The 32nd Infantry Regimental Association - DSHUTZSR@aol.com

American Battle Monuments Commission Data Base

The Society of the 3rd Division

The Changjin Journal Newsletter on Chosin campaign

The Korean War Project Databases, Looking for by Regiment, Fatality Lists

The Korean War - UN Forces Discussion List, Battle events

Bob West's Korean War Sites Chosin site, pictures

The Ramblings of Whitey Reese! 7th Division Casualty List

Monthly POW/MIA updates/archives All POW-MIA

50th Anniversary of the Korean War 50th Anniversary Committee of the Korean War

From the US Naval Institute - this includes a fully animated battle map of the battle at Chosin - Interactive Korean War Timeline

Data and Reading on the 31st RCT

Army Magazine go to Special Features, click on Articles on the Korean War to read, Task Force Faith and Glory and Heartbreak East of the Reservoir

31st RCT and Continuous Operations Command and Control

BookEbb And Flow - Nov 1950 - July 1951See Chap V-VII *pg 147 X Corps Battle Casualties

Book ExcerptThe X Corps Advances to The Yalu

Book ExcerptThe Capture Of Seoul

Book Excerpt, Chapter 6, Chosin ReservoirCombat Actions In Korea

The Chinese Failure at Chosin

Book Excerpt, The Chinese Intervention, Nov 3, 1950 - Jan 1951

Picture sites pertaining to 7th Division and 31st RCT

Off site
Selected Photographs of the Korean War (for pictures-click on research room, click on nail database,click on Archival Holdings then click on Nail Digital Copies Search then type in Korean War or Chosin Reservoir) National Archives and Records

From Iwon to Chosin, A Photo Essay

Men of the 31st RCT on the Web

off site

Col Alfred J. Catania, wounded at Chosin cumberlink

David Clifton/3rd Division Sharing War Stories

Bob Hammond/57 FA BN 50 Years Later, The Battle of Chosin Ends

George Hook 7th Division, POW from Chosin Reservoir Receives Metal After 48 Years

Donald F. McAllister Dept of VA - Introduction to Cold Injury

Ed Reeves, 31st, 3rd Battalion-Experiences with Frostbite in Korea Dept of VA - Cold Injury

Ed ReevesThe Residue of War

Bernard M. Resnick/Army Korean Vets To Unite

Cpt Jack Thun/Korean-American/7th Div-Experiences from Chosin Reservoir to Pork Chop Hill Korea Times, Sept 2000

Ray Vallowe, 57 FA Bn, Chosin Few Frozen Chosin

Army - Missing In Action, Killed in Action and POW's from Chosin

Joe Giddings, Bill Kemper, Herb Marshburn-32nd Inf . 1st Battalion all KIA at Chosin. Interview with Lt Joe Kingston-32nd Inf. I Co To The Yalu And Back

2nd LT Franklin D. Johnson, MIA/Chosin/15AAA AW Bn Finding the Open Door

Col John Page/X Corps Army/KIA Retreat from Chosin Camp Page, South Korea

Lt Col John Page Profiles In Courage

Cpl James B. Sanders MIA/Chosin/32nd Inf Reg J B Sanders

Pvt Robert Tait, died POW/Chosin/57 FA Bn Larry's Home Page

More Korean War and Chosin Reservoir sites

Changjin Journal 03-08-00 BREAKOUT Book Review

Air Drops To Chosin/8011/187thRCT(Korean War anniversary link) Some Scenes From Korean War

Korean War Maps - links to various sites Korean War Maps

Chosin - Triumph Out of Tragedy Wild Bill Wilder

Fighting 32's/Navy/Swordsmen/Corsairs History of V32's

50th Anniversary of the Korean War50th Anniversary of the Korean War

US Army Awards and Decorations

Combat Infantrymen's Association

Veterans Registry/StoriesKorean War Veterans Registry

Korean War Veteran's National Museum and Library

Locating Korean War Veterans

Numbers of men in War Veterans.House.gov

Korean War - Weapons, History, Bibliography

US Army Command Strength in Japan and Korea - Korean War

The Korean War Educator includes archives, photos, references and letters from the front

Korean Culture/Korean War/Army man, 1964 Korea Darrel La Mar Wakley

92nd Field Artillery Association-attached to 7th Division 92nd FA Red Devils

East of Chosin - Appleman US Army Japan

Fort Dix