The 31st RCT and the Korean War Picture Gallery

Joe Weldon, I Co


UPDATE - As of 5/6/08 all pictures are on the same gallery, here's a slide show that you can click on the link

Photos from William Smith, 31st, I Co

More Photos off site of William's and others in the Army Chosin Few!

New! Pictures of Joe Weldon, I Co. (Pictures courtesy of his son, Robert Weldon)

Photos from James T. Mainhart, 31st, I Co

Photos from Don Montorossoro, 31st, I Co

More Chosin Few Photos

My Korean War/Chosin Few Display See original Korean War items - medals, commemoratives, stamps, coins, books, posters etc., that are making a tour around town to bring an awareness to Chosin and the Korean War.

Korea, Pictures in Time See pictures of Korea taken by our GI's before and during the war.

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