The 31st RCT consists of various groups from Army Regiments and Units. Below are the Army units and companies. The battalions are actually just a grouping of different companies from the same regiment with a Headquarter Company attached. Please note: I will try to list all facts on the Army at Chosin. I do not hold a PHD on military history, just a daughter who feels that there is an untold story of brave and honorable men whose stories need to be told. If anything I list is wrong information, please let me know. If you would of asked me before what a RCT is, I certainly did not know the answer! (Or fruit salad?)

The following information is taken from the book, EAST OF CHOSIN, from Roy E. Appleman. Appendix C, Page 342

31st Regimental Combat Team

Headquarters(HQ) and HQ Co. 31st Regiment

31st Tank Co.

Heavy Mortar(HM) Company, (2 Firing platoons and HQ)

Service Company, 31st Infantry

Medical Company, 31st Infantry

Attached C Company, 13th Engineers

32nd Infantry - 1st Battalion
HQ & HQ Co.
A Company
B Company
C Company
D Company
Heavy Mortar(HM) Co., 1st Platoon, 32nd Infantry
USMC (Angilco) TACP

31st Infantry - 3rd Battalion
HQ & HQ Co.
I Company
K Company
L Company
M Company

57th Field Artillery Battalion (-)
HQ & HQ Battery
A Battery
B Battery
D Battery(-) 15th anti Aircraft Artillery (AAA) Automatic Weapons (AW) Battalion (attached)
Service BAttery, 57th FA Battalion

Also, from the Korean War Project, there is a reference page that lists all Divisions
involved in the 31st RCT.

Among other Army Divisions included besides the 7th Division:
3rd Infantry Division (Task Force Dog)

Other Army Regiments:
65th Infantry

Other 31st Infantry Regiment Companies:
B Company (Task Force Drysdale)
2nd Battalion(-E Co)

The following units were taken from the original Korean Presidental Unit Citation
Other Army units attached:
10th Engineer Combat Battalion
Company D

185th Engineer Combat Battalion(-A Co)

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