Dad and I Company, 3rd Battalion, 31st Regiment, Chosin Few

*The 31st Infantry Regiment was a part of the 31st RCT (Regimental Combat Team) that fought at the Chosin Reservoir in North Korea.
*My Father, William Smith served in the 31st, 3rd Battalion, I Company, 3rd Platoon at Chosin.
Other 31st Regiment, 3rd Battalion Companies at Chosin:
K Company
L Company
M Company
HQ & HQ Company
(5 USAF TACP attached)

I would like to include pictures and stories of all 31st Men - so drop me a line!

There will be more information on the Army story at the Chosin Reservoir. Starting with my Father and other men of I Co, their story will be told. There is one book out that is the closest possible to the truth about the Army at Chosin, EAST OF CHOSIN by Raymond Appleman.

First, I will explain how I got involved in this. I was heading to DC in Nov 99, where one of my sisters live. We had plans to visit DC. We decided to include the Korean War Memorial into our activities. So I checked on the computer for the location of the monument. I found the location of the memorial, and I also found the Korean War Project site. This site was just for the Korean War, complete with databases, I wanted to help my Dad. I asked Dad for his regiment, I told him to give me some names, I'll try to find some of his old Army buddies. Finally Dad opened up about his time in the Army. I told him that when I go to the memorial, I was leaving 3 laminated sheets; one with Dad's Army history, one with his legacy of children, and grandkids and great grandkids. And some poems that I've written about Dad through the years. I arrived in Maryland,the DC tour was the 3rd day. The 2nd day was Gettysburg. Gettysburg was great. Had lots of fun with the kids, sis and long time friend, Lisa. When we arrived back at the house, we found out that our Dad had a heart attack. Not one, but 2. I was on a plane that night back home. I never got to DC to take pictures for Dad or leave his items at the Korean Memorial. I saw Dad the next day in CCU,bedridden, pale, and knowing that there is a possible chance he may not survive. I walked in, he was awake, the first thing he said to me, "Well, Did you go to the Korean War Memorial?"

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