The Japanese - American Korean War Memorial

I felt this page is important for every one to see. In the 31st Regiment, George Fukumae states that there were 5 Hawaiians. Out of the 5, only George survived the battle at Chosin. I am lucky that George has been so open and I would like to again share another letter from George and also a link to visit the Japanese - American Korean War Memorial.
I also would like to dedicate this page to George's friend and also William's friend - RICHARD TAKAHASHI, Missing in Action at Chosin Reservoir, North Korea on December 3rd, 1950.

"We were only a speck of land in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and surprisingly
and unbelievable to see so many names of those Japanese Americans GI's that never
made to home. Unfortunately, my cousin's name is on that list too."*

"As I grew up in the islands of Hawaii during World War II, I didn't realize the many of my neighbors who volunteered for service in the Armed Forces that served mostly in Italy and the many that never returned home until I myself, came home from Korea. Yes I do remember that monument in front of our local post office from long time ago in the 40's, with the gold stars in front of the boys that never made it back. Since I've became a permanent lifetime member with the Japanese American Korean Veterans two years ago and obtained the many names of all those that didn't make it back from Korea. Only then did I realized how thankful I sould be and how lucky I am to be alive. So Lucky to fulfill my dreams of raising a family and seeing my family grow and to prosper in this wonderful country of ours. Also sad in knowing that a lot of my graduating classmates from a small sugar plantation, never received the same chance I got. I will always remember their faces like I will always remember Takahashi's, a guy from a big high school, from the only city on the island called, Honolulu."
Copyright George Fukumae 2000<> *There is a story about George's cousin, Tets , in the book, REMEMBERING THE KOREAN WAR KOREA: 1950 - 1953, by History Book Club. On page 87.
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