Morning Reports from the 31st Infantry Regiment,
I Company at the Chosin Reservoir, Korea.
11/27/1950 - 12/3/1950

>I CO, ARMY CHOSIN FEW--Servis(KIA), Smith,(Dad) and Scalph(SWA)-l to r

Most of the following information is from actual Morning Reports from I Co, 11/27/50 - 12/3/50.

(Thanks to Tom Mainhart for the I Co Reports. Tom's Uncle, Cpl. James T. Mainhart, an I Co cook, was KIA at Chosin, 11/30/1950.)

I Co came from the city of Hung Nam, passed the Marines on the way, and "arrived Chosin Reservoir 1530 hrs distance travelled 62 miles.
Weather clear Morale high"

""At 0300 hrs engaged enemy in battle 2EM killed weather clear severe cold"

"Engaged in battle enemy continues to attack peremeter, 8EM killed 1EM wounded weather very cold Morale of men good"

"Enemy attacks on perimeter continue in force 4EM killed weather clear severe cold Morale of men good"

"Above 15EM dy to absent sk121st Evac Hosp APO 909 type casualty"
"Above 6EM dy to KIA Chosin Reservoir area APO 7."
"Departed Chosin reservoir Area APO 7 1315 hrs on foot engagement with enemy continues unabated 6EM killed 1 OFF and 15EM wounded weather clear very cold."

"Above 6EM absent sk 121st Evac hosp"
"Arrived Hagaru Ri NK 0300 hrs still engaged with enemy distance travelled 2 miles 3EM wounded."

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