31st RCT Data Center

The Combat Infantry Badge
award given to infantryman when they fight in hand to hand combat with the enemy

Introduction to Data Center

31st RCT Estimated numbers by Units on 11/27/50

Divisions and Regiments of the Army 31st RCT

Chosin Notes Veterans of the 31st express comments

32nd Infantry Numbers Before and after Chosin


Chosin History, as told by the Pro Patria Press - the Newsletter of the 31st Regiment Association

Major Storms, a story by Sgt Bill Rowland, 31st I Co


Events To Inchon 7th Division, pre Korean War information, and the events involving the 7th Div to Inchon and up to 9/22/1950

Events 9/23 to 9/30/1950

From The National Archives

*Added 11/17/01*
* Command Report: 1 thru 4 December 1950 - Declassified document

* Chosin Report from M/Sgt Carl Pruett, 31st, M Co

* Chosin Report from Sgt Bill Rowland, 31st, I Co

Command Report: 1 thru 11 December 1950 (3d Battalion, 31st Inf)

Opn O which covered 7th Division elements in atk to South from Hagaru-ri w/Marines

March Order to the Reservoir 11/24/1950 Declassified document

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