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Dee Ann Lindsey wrote - Uncle Remains Identified - JPAC has identified Cpl Freeman Lindsey 57th Field Artillery Battalion (105MM) Funeral is tentatively planned with full military honors on Oct. 1 in Pulaski Va. Must await final arrangements from Army. Casualty Specialist has delivered the report. You can reach Dee Ann at dee725@comcast.net
My Grandfather, Neil Hanley, was in the 15th AAA AW in RCT31. He passed away today, January 14th, 2011. I know he kept a photo album with names listed in it, but I haven't made the trip back East yet to look through his personal effects. My parents have his things, and I hope that there will be enough info in his album to piece together a little more about his time in Korea. Does anyone from the 15th remember him? Please email me if you do. andmhenr@indiana.edu

I am saddened to write two of the Army Chosin Few have passed away. Two men that have been an acquantance and very helpful to me and this site. Ed Reeves passed away on 6/17/10 and Charles M. (Pistol) Bielecki passed away 7/25/10. Rest in Peace my friends.
I am also posting a new link on VA claims on cold injury by a Chosin Few son.

received photo and information on Jose Ramirez, 7/31/3 I Co. His son, Jose Ramirez Jr.wrote that Jose has passed away on 3/26/10. He'll be buried at the National Cemetery, in Grand Prairie, TX, on Wed. Photo is now on Google Chosin Few Army page. You can write to Jose's son at joram717@yahoo.com

Remains of Korean War soldier return to SD The Associated Press Posted : Tuesday Sep 22, 2009 21:05:38 EDT PIERRE, S.D. — The remains of a South Dakota soldier who died during the Korean War have returned to his home state. Gov. Mike Rounds said the remains of Sgt. 1st Class Arthur Francis Jewett from White Horse were returned to South Dakota on Tuesday. Jewett’s remains were retrieved from a mass grave near the Chosin Reservoir in northeast North Korea in 2002. He was killed in 1950 but was listed as missing in action until his remains were identified. Jewett’s funeral will be held at 10 a.m. Friday at Mountain at the Eagle Butte School. He will be buried at St. Theresa Catholic Cemetery in White Horse.

10/13/09 - Hi, I'm looking for any information regarding my Uncle, Sgt Walter Torres, MIA on December 2, 1950. I have a clear understanding as to what had happened at that time according to the historical documents available. What I and my family would like is any specific information, pictures, stories about my Uncle from those he serve with. Please contact me at this email address: Waltertorres1981@msn.com. Thank you very much for your time and attention to this matter, it is greatly appreciated. Yours truly Walter Torres
Carolyn Higgins - 57th Field Artillery Battalion (105mm) A BTRY, I have found out so much on your website! My uncle was killed at Chosin Reservoir on November 28, 1950. His name was Alfred Leroy Johnson. As far as I know there is just the one army picture of him. I have been looking for more pictures of him but haven’t come across any yet.
My Brother Sgt George mcdivit was Col Faith driver. He was killed at Chosin. Wonder if any one has information about him John McDivitt
2/8/09 - added a new picture of Dad to the williamjsmith page and updated I Co members he had spoken to so far.
2/7/09 - Added 2 pictures of Earl Kibbey, 31st I Co 3rd Battalion, courtesy of his Nephew Dennis Kibbey. Visit the main page of the site, click on pictures and click on the first slideshow.
5/8/08 - Added a newspaper article on Pvt Jimmie Dorser to the front page.
5/8/08 - How could I forget - on the bottom of the main page is a player, that's me in the pic - just click play and you'll hear me sing, When Johnny Comes Marching Home. I sang the song in dedication to dad for Father's Day and gave him the link where you can actually leave comments on the song if you're a member of SingSnap.Check it out - it's fun!
5/8/08 - Please visit the new photo site, I need some help in identifying all persons/Regiments, Companies in the photos.You can leave the information in the comments. This will help me out immensely. The new photo slideshow is on the pictures page - click on the slideshow to take you to the photo album.
5/6/08 - Yes It's been awhile. Wanted to let you know my old photo hosting site went down - this is the 2nd time this has happened to me. Luckily I have all pictures on discs, but now I don't have all the information that I had on the description of each picture. Added slideshows that you can click on two different sites. Hope everyone is doing well
4/3/08 - 2 More MIA soldiers have been returned from Korea. Capt Edward Scullion of Norfolk VA and Pfc Elwood D. Reynolds of Schoolfield Va. Both were in the 32nd,A Co then attached to the 31st RCT at Chosin.

1/29/07 - SFC Michael Giangregorio is looking for anybody who knew PFC Jimmie L.Dorser, 31st Infantry, I company, 3rd Battalion who was MIA at Chosin on December 3rd, 1950. Jimmie was recently positively identified in a mass grave in the Chosin Reseveroir area with 6 other soldiers. Michael is looking for any information, pictures or stories about Jimmie for his sisters. E-Mail Michael .To see a picture of Jimmie, click on 31st I Co Korea

12/28/06 - The Chosin Chronology is available on CD for your computer. Visit Changjin 1950 for more information.

11/13/06 - News of a movie being made about the Chosin Few

10/26/06 - It's been awhile and I finally got my Korean War Memorial pictures at least some of them up on another web site. Check back for more stories from Pro Patria Press on Chosin

7/2/05 - From The Chicago Sun Times July 1st, 2005. Remains of Korean War Soldier to come home! Gary Ind. The body of Pfc. Lowell W. Bellar will be buried July 15, 2005. His remains found in North Korea and the fighting near the Chosin Reservoir. Pfc Bellar reported KIA Dec 1, 1950 near the town of Hagaru. Pfc Bellar was a member of the Task Force Faith, named after Lt. Col. Donald Faith also there KIA.
Lowell W. Bellar was a member of M Company, 31st Regiment.

2/5/04 - The 31st Infantry Regiment web site now has a new address. Click on the links page and visit the new 31st. A great look and a lot more history on line. Check out the new look!

2/2/04 - Added new link to the Links Page, The American Battle Monuments Commission. Now you don't have to travel to the Korean War Memorial or write to the Commission to recieve a certificate for the Korean War Dead. Click on the Korean War Listing, then type in last name. Example - for Don C. Faith Jr., there is a picture of the Lt. Colonel that you can print up from your computer. Type in Eldon W. Ervin, Ray's friend. Ray provided the picture that is posted. Don't forget to provide a picture of your loved one that is listed. Thanks to Ray Vallowe for sending me the link.

10/3/03 - 2 new items to add. From Dept of Defense dated September 24, 2003, Remains of U.S. Servicemen recovered in North Korea - ramains believed to be those of 4 American soldiers missing in action from the Korean War have been recovered by two teams of U.S. specialists. A joint team operating near the Chosin Reservoir in North Korea recovered two sets of remains believed to be those of U.S. Army soldiers from the 7th Infantry Division who fought against Chinese forces from November - December 1950. Approximately 1,000 Americans are estimated to have been lost in battles of the Chosin campaign. To read more - Dept of Defense.
- Added new entry from Paul Daniels. Paul is looking for information on his 1st cousin, Jack E. Brooks. Jack was in 31st E CO and was KIA at Chosin on Dec 2, 1950. Read Paul's entry and write to Paul by visiting the Connections link above.

6/20/03 - Added new entry to Connections page. John Sheppard is looking for anyone who knew his father, John Henry Sheppard, Click on the Connection link to view the new entry.
- Finally some new pictures to post of Joe Weldon, I Co., pictures courtesy of his son, Robert Weldon. Click on the pictures link above.

1/17/03 - Added new entry to the Connections page. Mark Ross is looking for anyone who might of known his Father, Charles J. Ross (Combat Engineer) and also his Uncle, William Bud Davis. Click on the Connections link to view Mark's entry.

1/9/03 - Added new entry to the Connections page. Harlan Hill is looking for any information on his uncle, Charlie Hill, MIA 12/2/1950. Charlie was in the 15th AAA AW Battalion. CLick on the Connections link to read Harlan's entry.

7/21/02 - Two new pictures added courtesy of Bill Rowland! Click Picture link, go to photos off site link to view the new pictures. Also on the Epson photo site are more photo albums: I Co after Chosin, James T. Manhart, 32nd Regiment in Korea, Pictures in Time, Korean War items and USAF 8th Maintainence Squad. Stop by and take a look!
Visit Don C. Faith Middle School, named after Lt Colonel Faith of the 31RCT.
Dad and I are looking forward to the 31st Regiment reunion this August and we hope to see some I Co men there!
Coming soon are pictures from PFC Joe A. Weldon who served as a R.L. Gunner, in I Co from 48 - 51.

3/28/02 - New story about Major Storms added on the the Data Center page and a new section called Stories! Anyone in the 31rct welcome to add their own!
Sgt Bill Rowland who was interviewed back in 1950 states that there are more tapes in the archives than what we have listed here! See his partial interview in the Data Center under National Archives.
11/17/01 - Three more documents on the 31st RCT added to the Data Center page. One is also a declassified document for Dec 1 - 4th, 1950. See Data Center link above.

11/12/01 - The first of many documents from the National Archives are slowly being added! Two such reports are online now! See Data Center for archive listings.

11/10/01 - HAPPY VETERANS DAY!! To all of you! I have included a link to the VFW's page, The Origins of Veterans Day. Hope you enjoy the reading!

11/9/01 - From Dept of Defense - 5 Remains believed to be 7th Division soldiers from Chosin to be repatriated.
- Added new page for I Company men, meet Charles Bielecki. Charles has his own unique story to tell!
- In the next few months I will be adding to the site the Command Reports and Operations Summaries. Most of the reports came from Tom Mainhart, nephew of James T. MMainhart, I Co. cook KIA at Chosin. The reports were found at the National Archives. I plan to have the first one online within 2 weeks.
- I would like to see more personal stories / photographs about the men of the 31stRCT, drop me a line!

10/19/01 - Updated Photopoint hit numbers on Photopoint page.
- I saw notice of a new show called, The Frozen Chosin, to be aired this Sunday at 8:00 or 9:00 pm on the Fox News cable station. I only saw the commercial once, I'll try to find out the right time! The show's host is Oliver North.
- My picture of the Korean War Memorial, Freedom is not Free, is now part of AOL's - Tribute to Amercian Spirit Photoquilt. I hope the link works. I call my picture, America's Legacy.
- I always accept more stories or pictures to the site, don't forget to write!

10/2/01 - 14 REMAINS FOUND NEAR CHOSIN RESERVOIR, NORTH KOREA, of whom are believed to be U.S. Army soldiers from the 7th Infantry Division. From the Department of Defense News site, October 1st, 2001.

9/27/01 - We have all felt sorrow and anger since the attacks on the World Trade Centers in New York. Because of this tragedy, I have decided to add new 2 items to the main page of the site. First, the red, white and blue ribbon to honor the innocent victims of this horrendous act. The ribbon is also a link to a new site called Terroristattack.com. This site offers the latest news, links to top news sites, where to send donations, and a meeting place to talk. The second new item is a picture that I took at the Korean War Memorial of the granite wall that is inscribed "Freedom Is Not Free". If you look closely at the picture, you'll see a family walking by the calming pond at the memorial, their images reflected onto the shiny mirrored surface of the black granite. Freedom, and family, the two things that we hold so dearly. Freedom and family, the 2 things now under attack.
Now we see a surge of patriotism - - red, white and blue, patriotic songs, a sense of oneness. This is nothing new, but in the past, before September 11th, 2001, you had to look for it. I've seen it many times. When and where people may be asking? I've seen men saluting the flag of the United States with true proudness in their hearts and reciting the Alligence or singing the Star Spangled Banner or God Bless America. They stand tall, they see the glory in the stars and stripes. They are actually - the veterans who fought for our freedom. I've attended some veteran's reunions with dad, and I have only seen and felt this deep sense of patriotism with all of you, the veterans. I have to add, I have always seen it every time I visit my Father, there has ALWAYS BEEN a flagpole in his yard with Old Glory and the MIA/POW flag up.

9/7/01 - Added more to the Chosin Notes page. Notes on LTC Reilly, Major Storms, I Co.

8/31/01 - Updated monthly # of hits on Photopoint Album page.

8/30/01 - Added one more old newspaper clipping from Nov 20th, 1950, the 7th Division moving towards Manchurian border. Thanks Marty! See KOREAN WAR CLIPPINGS

8/24/01 - Added more to the Chosin Notes page.
- Added more entries on the CONNECTIONS page(link above)
- Added 2 more links to LINKS page - book excerpt, The Chinese Intervention and a photo Essay,From Iwon to Chosin,(link above, look for the flashing new signs)

8/23/01 - The 7th Infantry Division Association now has a new look for their web page, plus a new online application form to join!

8/18/01 - NEWS 31st Regiment, I Co man, Lewis Shannon passed away early this Saturday from cancer.We wish his family well. You can read this Chosin's hero story as told by his friend, Floyd Scalph. Lewis also donated a letter that he had written home for Christmas in 1950 about the attack at 31st ICo section. Thanks for being a friend Lewis and sharing a part of your life with me. Thank you for all the phone calls.

links - B29's in Korea
links - Collection of Leaflets Propaganda
links - Purple Heart stamp Petition

7/24/01 - NEWS! Just this past weekend Department of Defense investigators reached the Chosin Reservoir in North Korea and began the search for additional servicemen lost in November and December 1950. From the Korean War Project newsletter-July
-Link Military Magazine
7/23/01-Started site on tripod!